Visit Preparation  

Once we confirm your appointment take the following steps to ensure our visit goes smoothly:

  1. Fax or email records from any vet that saw your pet in the last five years. Vaccination dates, test results, treatment details, and surgical notes are essential.


    Fax: 1-651-212-2295 (Note the "1" in front of the number.)

  2. Prepare the exam area. Bathrooms are preferable—they offer an enclosed space with few hiding places.

  3. Remove your cat's access to food and litter boxes 2 hours before the visit. Your cat should have access to water at all times unless you are specifically instructed otherwise.

  4. Secure your kitty in the exam area prior to our scheduled arrival. If choose not to confine your pet and it cannot be located and secured within 15 minutes, you will still be financially liable for a house call fee and have to reschedule the appointment.

  5. Consider how you'd like to provide payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, cash, and personal checks. Full payment for all goods and services is required at the conclusion of our visit. Post-dated checks will not be accepted, and returned checks will be assessed a $35 service fee.

Additional Considerations  

Behavior Concerns: Attempt to catch the behaviors on video before your appointment. Also, make sure that litter boxes, feeding/drinking stations, and resting area are accessible. Assessing the home environment is essential to solving behavior problems.

Euthanasia: Confining your cat and restricting access to food and litter boxes is not necessary. It is recommended that all interested family members over the age of 5 be present.

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