End-of-Life Decisions

Those of us lucky enough to share our lives with cats understand how deeply their love and friendship affect us. Many of our feline companions share our lives for over a decade, offering stalwart support through all our triumphs and failures. In honor of this special relationship, House Calls for Cats is proud to offer expertise on environmental changes, supportive care, and medications that help senior pets cope with limited mobility and reduced faculties toward the end of life. Invite us for an appointment and Dr. Lisa will take the time to learn about you and your pet as individuals, determine the unique characteristics of your bond, and offer detailed directions on how to optimize the joy and comfort of your cat's remaining days.

Once a pet can no longer be kept reasonably comfortable, euthanasia is a gift that we can give our ailing companions- to end their lives with compassion and dignity when nothing but suffering, fear, and sickness is left for them. But when is the right time to say "Good bye?" Many owners agonize over that very question. An objective but compassionate veterinary professional is the best person to help you determine whether reasonable treatments exist to alleviate your kitty’s pain or whether it's time to request a respectful, private, at-home passing. Schedule a visit with House Calls for Cats for kindhearted, expert guidance during this difficult time.

Coping with Grief